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Stop Foreclosure Eviction

Stop Foreclosure Eviction | Avoid Foreclosure HelpEviction is what happens after a bank or lender has sold your home, but you can stop foreclosure eviction if you know how. No one wants to be physically or legally thrown out of a home but it happens. Each day homeowners lose possession of their home because they did not get the help they desperately needed in time. Every state has reported growing foreclosure statistics. There is virtually no  help available by the government and lenders rarely make exceptions to stop foreclosure. If you are trying to stay in your home, you will be happy to know that we know how to stop foreclosure eviction before its too late.

Stop Foreclosure Eviction

It is terrifying to be notified of a notice of foreclosure. Few that have actually been through the situation cannot sympathize with others that have. A bank writing to tell you that they are taking back the home you created is frustrating and upsetting. Time can pass and you can wind up getting behind on payments. Financial institutions are not in the business to help anyone. Income is earned on the interest that is attached to your mortgage. Getting notified that a foreclosure is happening is the final warning before the sale of your property. Fighting back is the best thing you can do and even if your home is sold you can fight eviction. Each state has a process of law that regulates evictions and foreclosures. A majority of states have what is commonly called a redemption period.

This is written into all mortgage agreements. This is one of the last strategies that you can use when you are fighting to stop foreclosure. The redemption period is a predetermined amount of time that you have to obtain possession of your home again. This period can last on the low end for a few weeks or even up to a couple of years on the high end. Homeowners that do not know about the right of redemption usually vacate the property after a foreclosure sale. Just because a lender sells off your house doesn’t mean they own it yet. There is still a legal process to go through and you could find that an entity well versed in property redemption can help you. The last person that a mortgage lender expects to hear from after a property sale is you. You don’t have to get thrown out of your house.

“Stop Foreclosure Eviction”

Avoid Foreclosure knows the laws in all 50 U.S. states and guides homeowners daily that are struggling with eviction. We are not a law firm and do not give legal advice. We consult with you about the options that you have left and give you the help you need to make your decision. We understand what you are going through and it is time that someone stood on your side for a change. We can help you if you call 1-800-589-4106 right now. It’s free of charge for you. Get the facts from us that will help you stop foreclosure eviction.